Our partners are the lifeblood of Sacred Soul Yoga & Retreats. We are so grateful work with such an innovative and forward thinking group.


Big Rock Farms

Big Rock Farms is an organic farm local to Humboldt County. We're partnering with them to offer a tour of their farm and experience our CannaStyle!


Nikki Dance

Marketing Director

Nikki Dance handles all marketing and social media for Sacred Soul Yoga & Retreats. She graduated with a BA in Media Studies from UC Berkeley. She also loves art, travel, coffee, fitness and yoga.

Yelena Hindman

Yelena Hindman

Yelena Hindman is a gifted yoga instructor and natural healing enthusiast. She has traveled the world teaching and perfecting her yoga practice. She has also created a series of herbal detox programs which you can learn about and try at the Healing Vibes Retreat.

East Branch Cleansing.jpg

East Branch Cleansing

Randalyn at East Branch Cleansing offers colon hydrotherapy treatments. Colon hydrotherapy is safe, gentle and detoxifies the body and improves digestive system function. Come receive a treatment from Randalyn before or after the Healing Vibes Retreat!


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