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Although the Big Rock Farms Tour is a one day workshop, please feel free to book a sumptuous, relaxing evening at Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary. They offers several different accommodation options for your overnight stay.


Madrone & Sunrise Dorms

Eco-remodeled dorms feature cork flooring, tasteful and paired down furnishings and inspired tile work. Double occupancy rooms with your choice of pillow-top full size or “adult summer camp”  bunks available. Ensuite or shared bath options.


Bungalows & Cabinettes

Nestled in a grove of woods a short walk down from the Lodge and Spa, our stand-alone cabins come with full size loft beds or single occupancy pillow-top twins. Shower and laundry amenities are down the trail at Manzanita Bath House. 



With over 25 campsites at Heartwood scattered across our timeless 200-acre campus, just bring your own kit, bedrolls and teepee.